When relocating, Simply Store can provide fast and cost-effective solutions.

Instead of having to do everything in a rush on the day of your move, consider making use of our mobile storage to free up time and costs.

Traditional relocation companies and movers can cost a fortune due to the large amount of work in a short space of time.

With Simply Store, you can make use of a mobile storage unit, which is delivered to the door of your home or business. You pack the container, which is then picked up by the driver and taken to our storage centre.

This allows you to clean and sort out the venue you are leaving, as well as properly prepare your new premises.

When ready, our driver will deliver the storage unit to the new location, allowing you to move in without hassle.

Going this route allows you to cut out the costs of hiring vans and moving staff, and eliminates costly trips back and forth between venues.

Talk to a consultant at Simply Store today and see how we can assist in making relocation a breeze.