Storage Wrapping

Storage Wrapping

When storing your goods, it is essential that you take time to properly protect and wrap items so that they are safe during the move and while being stored.

To assist, Simply Store has teamed up with Boxman to provide all of the packaging materials you may need.

Storage wrapping is good for sensitive furniture, any glass and other items that could sustain damage during the moving process.

Simply Store provides you with a 6.96cbm mobile storage unit, which you can pack your goods in before our driver returns to collect it.

We offer a number of packing tips to ensure that you maximise the space without putting you goods in danger of being damaged.

Wrapping is important in this aspect, as it prevents items from bumping against the walls of the unit or other packed goods, which could cause dents, breakages or surface damage to furniture during transportation to and from the storage centre.

For more information about bundle wrapping materials or the storage process itself, feel free to contact a consultant at Simply Store today.