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Simply load it<span class="uk-text-primary"> & </span>we’ll store it!

Simply load it & we’ll store it!

Save Money, Save Time, Save Effort

Simply Store, Self Storage Company based in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, can help you with all your storage needs.

We deliver a 6.95 cbm self storage unit for you to load. You don't need to hire vans or keep re-handling your effects as you would with a traditional storage company. Let us bring storage to your driveway. We then we collect your Mobile Storage Unit and take it to one of our local storage centres for safekeeping.

Call us today for affordable self storage.


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"Your Self-Store At Your Door"

  • What is the cost?

    Storage cost per MSU = R 120.00 per week

    Pickup cost per MSU = R 720.00

    Simply Store charges a "Very Affordable" storage fee of only R 120.00 per MSU Per week. (Please note: Pick-up and re-delivery charges are up and to a radius of 35 km's from any of our branches nationally. Additional distance from our branches will be quoted on request of quotation.) We also offer insurance while your goods are being transported and stored with us. Please click on our "Insurance Calculator" tab for the premium cost and terms & conditions.

    Additional Service Offerings and Conditions:

    • All transport charges are valid from Monday to Friday Only.( Please note that any "Specials" only apply to weekdays and not Saturday / Sunday and Public Holidays.)
    • Saturday / Sunday / Public Holidays: Will attract an extra charge R570.00
    • Labour Hire is available: Will attract an extra charge at R420.00 per porter.
    • Padlocks are available at a cost of R96.90 each.
    • Simply Store has made it simple to get packing materials.............we have set up an agreement with "Boxman" to supply our customers with packing materials. Speak to our sales consultant's about "Boxman" offerings.


    (All Prices include VAT)

    "Please send your enquiry today, to experience just how simple it is to store with us."

  • How to load MSU's

    Tips and Hints for loading a Mobile Storage Unit (MSU)

    1. Distribute the weight evenly in your MSU, not all on one side.
    2. Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter things on top
    3. Heaviest large items should be loaded nearer to the door and as central as possible to assist with safe handling of the MSU at our depot.
    4. Secure the door of the MSU when it is open to prevent it from closing unexpectedly
    5. Pack all of your items as tightly as possible. Avoid leaving open space where items can move about.
    6. Use the blankets supplied to protect furniture although it is your responsibility to make sure adequate packing and wrapping is used.
    7. When packing cartons use lots of bubble wrap, paper and tissue.
    8. Boxes should be filled completely. If this is not possible, fill the remainder of the box with spare packing materials. Make sure the lids of the boxes are closed.
    9. Heavy items should be packed into smaller boxes for easier lifting. Lightweight items can go into larger boxes.
    10. Drawers can sometimes be used to load soft unbreakable things.
    11. Secure the MSU when you are not in attendance with a strong commercial grade padlock. If you do not have one Simply Store will be able to sell you one.
    12. For extra security you could park your car in front of the MSU door when not in attendance.
    13. Use the inventory list which is downloadable from the Website so that you can remember where you have loaded your effects in each MSU.

    Always wear protective clothing and footwear when handling furniture and effects. You should be conversant with manual handling and safe lifting techniques. Please keep children and animals out of harms way (yours as well as theirs).

  • The following items are prohibited

    Prohibited Items

    Stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material, potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition.


    Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money , deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of similar kind.


    Plants or goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination.

    Perishable Items

    And/or those requiring a controlled environment (food).


    Any animals, birds or fish

    Goods which require special licence or government permission for export or import.

  • H&M Removals has been in the removal business since 1992. This experience and understanding of our customers' needs is the foundation upon which the company has been built upon, giving you only the best professional moving services you deserve.

    Our moving company is based in Airport Industria in Cape Town, Elandsfontein, Johannesburg and Westmead, Durban, H&M Removals has rapidly expanded in the last 21 years and can be relied upon to undertake any household, office and commercial distribution be it local, national with precision and care.
    • Provision of suitable and adequate coverings for the protection of your furniture.
    • Public recourse through a national executive committee in the event of a complaint.
    • Fully trained and competent staff at all levels.
    • PMA approved warehouse and storage facilities.
    • Use of clean, high quality packing materials.
    • Availability of comprehensive all risk in-transit and storage insurance.
    • Purpose designed and equipped removal vehicles.

    Go to for more information

  • Calculate your weekly insurance premium
    Value of Goods - R:
    Weekly Insurance Premium - R:

    Terms & conditions of our insurance policy while in transit and / or in our storage facility.

    (Insurance Calculator will work out your premium rate per week)

    1. Cover shall attach once loading of the insured cargo has commenced at the point of loading, continue during the ordinary course of transit and terminate when the insured cargo is off-loaded at any building or place of storage at the consignee’s premises. (Cover will be restricted to loss or damage as a direct result of Fire, Collision and or Overturning of the conveying vehicle, Theft following any of these perils and Hijacking) (Limited to Declared Value)

    2. Cover shall be in force during loading and unloading of the insured cargo provided such loading and unloading is the responsibility of the insured and is under the direct control and supervision of the insured.

    3. Client's cargo stored at any one of the Simply Store storage sites nationally, will be covered against Fire and Allied Perils, Theft following Forcible Entry and Robbery. (Cover restricted to Total Loss only). The insured warrants that such storage will be within a Simply Store premises which will be fully enclosed, secured and guarded.

    4. The policy does not cover rigging or manoeuvring of any insured cargo before loading or after off-loading.

    5. All insurance premiums and storage charges must be paid up in full in order to exercise your claim if a claim arises under this insurance policy. Failing to do so, will result in the claim being null and avoid.

    6. All claims are subject to a R 750.00 excess each and every claim.

1... We Deliver

We Deliver

Our driver will deliver your MSU to your home or business and leave in a safe & convenient place for you to load...

2... You Load

We Deliver

You load your items into the MSU and pack safely, then lock the MSU with a padlock for your added security...

3... We Collect

We Deliver

Our driver will collect your MSU at the agreed time and take your effects back to our storage depot...

4... We Store

We Deliver

You can access your MSU at our location, free of charge subject to business hours and 24 hours notice of your visit...

Simply Store Self Storage South Africa

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