Are units indoor or outdoor or both?


Are the units treated for bugs, pests?


What can and can't be stored?

All Furniture items and documents can be stored, excluding the following: Flammables, including gas bottles, paint, aerosols, cleaning liquids Jewellery, money, deeds or precious stones Plants and perishable goods, i.e. foods Animals

Are locks provided? If not, do you sell locks?

Locks can be purchased by us

What is minimum/maximum length of stay?

Minimum stay of 1 week There is no maximum period for storage, you can store as long as you like

Do you rent or supply moving dolly's/carts?


What type of insurance do you offer?

Insurance Cover will be restricted to loss or damage as a direct result of Fire, Collision and or Overturning of the conveying vehicle, Theft following any of these perils and Hijacking. (Limited to Declared Value)

Do you sell boxes?

We sell various packaging materials

Are units lit inside?


Do you hold auctions at your storage facilities?


Do you offer RV/boat/car/motorcycle parking?


What's the difference between office hours and gate hours?

Office Hours are between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday Gate hours – 24 hour security

What are the payment terms?

Terms of payment are payable only by a signed EFT instruction form either prior to collection or upon collections of goods. Should the account be payable by an approved company, an official order must be attached to the signed Acceptance Form.

How do I set up automatic payments for my account?

We work on a strict debit order system as mentioned above.

What sizes are available and how do I pick my size?

We have standard unit sizes of 6.95 cubic meters, equaling about a quarter of a single garage size Height 2.3 Width 1.55 Depth 2.15

Do you offer services for both the household and business customer?


What kind of security do you have?

Our premises are surrounded with electric fencing and 24hrs security and surveillance cameras.

Can anybody drive onto this property or do you have security?

No, we have 24hr security

Do I get a lock when I rent a unit?

No, you are most welcome to purchase your own padlock or purchase it from us.

What do I need to do to move out?

We require at least 1 week notification for re-delivery

Do I have to come down to your site to book or can I do it by phone?

Bookings can be done either via our website, telephone or email.

What if I am late in making my payment?

Arrangements can be made with the finance department.