How to load MSU's

Tips and Hints for loading a Mobile Storage Unit (MSU)

  1. Distribute the weight evenly in your MSU, not all on one side.
  2. Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter things on top
  3. Heaviest large items should be loaded nearer to the door and as central as possible to assist with safe handling of the MSU at our depot.
  4. Secure the door of the MSU when it is open to prevent it from closing unexpectedly
  5. Pack all of your items as tightly as possible. Avoid leaving open space where items can move about.
  6. Use the blankets supplied to protect furniture although it is your responsibility to make sure adequate packing and wrapping is used.
  7. When packing cartons use lots of bubble wrap, paper and tissue.
  8. Boxes should be filled completely. If this is not possible, fill the remainder of the box with spare packing materials. Make sure the lids of the boxes are closed.
  9. Heavy items should be packed into smaller boxes for easier lifting. Lightweight items can go into larger boxes.
  10. Drawers can sometimes be used to load soft unbreakable things.
  11. Secure the MSU when you are not in attendance with a strong commercial grade padlock. If you do not have one Simply Store will be able to sell you one.
  12. For extra security you could park your car in front of the MSU door when not in attendance.
  13. Use the inventory list which is downloadable from the Website so that you can remember where you have loaded your effects in each MSU.

Always wear protective clothing and footwear when handling furniture and effects. You should be conversant with manual handling and safe lifting techniques. Please keep children and animals out of harms way (yours as well as theirs).