It’s a sad truth of small space living that the smaller the kitchen, the harder it is to find room for storage. Throw in the fact that you hardly have any counter top or cupboard space, and keeping your kitchen area organised can really start to get tricky and frustrating.

Luckily, even if you don’t have an extra inch of kitchen surface area, there’s one space that often gets overlooked, the walls. If you have about two square feet to work with, a pot rack with a built-in shelf might just be what you’re looking for!

Simple but sleek, you can hang anything from your spatulas to skillets without using up any valuable counter top space by adding 10 S-style hooks designed to hold up to 20kg. Just make sure your shelf is assembled correctly to be able to hold so much weight. This wall-mounted wonder can also boasts a savvy storage shelf (that can be configured two ways) so you have room to store pans and other larger kitchen wares.

Truth be told, unexpected storage room is available instantly when you add a shelf or two to your wall and a great DIY project with so many ideas to play around with. Just also make sure if you are renting, that you keep within the agreement of your renting contract. Just imagine how much easier cooking and cleaning in a tiny kitchen could be if all your pots and pans were hanging within reach.