Creating extra storage space in your home can definitely be tricky, but coming up with ways to create more storage in a bathroom can be downright difficult. Bringing furniture into an already small bathroom might seem counterproductive, in reality, there are several surprisingly storage- furnishing tips worth making room for. From bar carts to bookcases, here are seven funky furniture pieces that make wonderful bathroom storage hubs.

1. A decorative ladder

It’s funny how something as simple as a decorative ladder can transform your entire bathroom, but that can happen when you opt to use one instead of a conventional towel rack. Whether you find a sleek one online or DIY your very own, they’re a stylish way to create more storage in your bathroom.


2. A bar cart

Who knew how helpful an elegant bar cart could be in your bathroom? Along with offering extra space for stashing towels, beauty products, and other toiletries, these four-wheeled wonders can move around your bathroom and fit into cramped corners with ease.


3.   A short bookcase

A compact bookcase can work wonders for just about any room of your home—and that includes your storage-deprived bathroom. Whether it’s a small open bookcase or double-door, bookshelves are a unique way to forge more bathroom storage without taking up a ton of floor space.


4.   A tall dresser

Believe it or not, an extra tall dresser (like a lingerie dresser; the one in image) can do more than just double your closet space. A well-placed dresser in your bathroom—think: in a tight corner or against a narrow wall—can offer endless storage opportunities for keeping your toiletries out of plain sight.


5.   A cabinet with a hutch

While it’s not ideal for a tiny bathroom, if you’re lucky enough to have a larger bathroom then by all means, consider investing in a cabinet with a hutch like the one in this image. Not only will it provide ample room for storage, it offers a well-balanced blend of both open and closed shelves, as well as plenty of drawers for hiding unmentionables.


6.   A rolling cart

If you’re searching for a petite and inexpensive way to score some extra storage space for your bathroom, try using a cute rolling cart. Along with supplying cubbies for storing towels, cosmetics and other personal products, these mobile charmers can squeeze just about anywhere inside your bathroom—and hardly cost a thing.


7.   Slatted bed base

Okay, so I know this one seems kind of different but just think about it for a moment. Not only does hanging a slatted bed base on your bathroom wall create tons of vertical storage space, it could be created into something very stylish which will not cost you a fortune at the end of the day.