Don’t you sometimes feel that your children have accumulated more things over the years then you and storing them is becoming more difficult? Why not make use of the extra space under their beds?  Besides, let’s be real: If you leave any space empty in a kid’s room, they’re going to stuff it full of things anyway. Beat them to the punch by re-appropriating the under bed area for one of the following clever ideas.

Extra Wardrobe Storage

Let’s start with the most obvious — even if you have a decent closet in your kid’s room, there never seems to be enough space for their cute little clothes and shoes. Art supplies, toy boxes, and other miscellaneous kid stuff naturally accumulate in the closet over time, making it impossible to fit your little one’s wardrobe in there, too. Using under-bed space offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.


A Pull-Out Play Station

There are three main categories of toys we find practically impossible to keep intact: train sets, puzzles, and cars. Using the space under your kid’s bed to create a pull-out play station is the answer to all three. Keep those hard-to-corral items in this designated space to dramatically cut back on the oh-so-fun hysterics that happen when your kid can’t figure out where that crucial piece of the puzzle is hiding.


Under-Bed Lighting

If you would prefer to keep your space under your kid’s bed clear, try this on for size — under-bed lighting. That way, when your little one gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, the path will be gently illuminated. Or just an extra illuminated night light for the little ones.


A Diaper Station

When you have a baby, you go through a lot of diapers every day. In fact, sometimes you can be in the middle of changing a diaper and wind up needing a fresh one. So why not put that wasted space beneath the crib to good use? Turn it into a diaper station and you’ll always have a plentiful stack of fresh diapers (and wipes and ointments) readily available within arm’s reach.



Raise your hand if your foot has ever been personally victimized by a wayward LEGO. It’s totally normal to rue the day these little plastic pain transmitters were ever invented. In the meantime, though, your kid adores them, so what’s a parent to do? Create a designated LEGO cart that will serve as a catch-all so there’s less of a chance your foot will land on one.


A Library

Encouraging kids to read is always a good thing! Still, finding a way to organise your child’s ever-growing book collection can prove to be a massive conundrum (especially once they start reading countless series books). Here is yet another ingenious ample trundle storage method for books and toys.


An Extra Bed

If your kid’s room is all set as far as storage goes, you can still put the space under their bed to good use for overnight guests. Purchase a trundle bed or you can make one yourself. Your little one will love it, because it will make them feel like a big boy or girl to have a sleepover bed ready for a classmate or cousin. And you’ll love it too, because you can slide it out of sight when not in use.